8 alternative ways to share the love this Valentine’s Day

8 alternative ways to share the love this Valentine’s Day

We get it, Valentine’s Day seems overrated. All the red teddies in the stores, coffee mugs with hearts printed on them, “I love You” balloons and chocolates in your face wherever you turn your head.

On top of that, most restaurants and hotels are fully-booked and all too cliché. Still, you find yourself wanting to spend time with, and spoil your loved one (or potential loved one).

What to do?

Here are some fun, alternative ways to share the love this Valentine’s Day with your person:

Go for a drive

So simple, yet so genius. What can be better than having your person’s full attention for two to three hours while driving around in one of the most scenic places in the world? Take the Cape Point Route and stop at various spots along the way for a drink, a bite, or even a sunset picnic.


Go for a surf

Ever considered going surfing as a date? Take your Valentine to a beginner surfing beach such as Muizenberg Beach, put on a wetsuit, slap on some sunscreen and have some serious fun in the sun. If you or your date don’t know how to surf, or don’t have the gear, book a lesson with a mobile surf school such as Surf Life Surf School. They’ll have you up on your board in no time. Afterwards, grab a coffee at Empire Cafe and see where the rest of the day takes you.


Go for a hike

Even though it’s nice to sit in a restaurant and chat face-to-face for the whole duration of the date, there’s something special about walking side-by-side and taking in the beauty of Mother Nature. In and around Cape Town there are tonnes of stunning hiking routes. Since it’ll be a Valentine’s date, opt for an easy route such as Lion’s Head or Elephant’s Eye.


Go indoor climbing

If you’re even more adventurous and really want to get to know the person, take your Valentine indoor rock climbing. We know it’s a bit “out there” but it’s super fun and can be quite interesting (and amusing) seeing how someone acts in a physically and mentally challenging situation such as rock climbing. City Rock in Observatory is a great place for this, and it’s a safe and vibrant environment.

There’s also a relaxed coffee shop area where you can unwind after your climb and spend time looking at each other’s faces instead of… you know…


Go rooftop bar hopping

So, you’re not really looking to go surfing, hiking, or climbing for Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t appreciate a good view. Luckily the city has a lot to offer in this regard. Grab an Uber and take your date rooftop bar hopping, overlooking Table Mountain, the ocean, Robben Island, and more.

Start off in Green Point at the Cape Royale Hotel’s Zenith Sky Bar. From there, make your way to the Deck Rooftop & Pool Bar on the fourth floor of Cape Quarter. Once you’ve enjoyed a romantic sunset with a fresh drink in hand, move on to the inner city where there are a bunch more rooftop spots such as Tjing Tjing, The Waiting Room, and The Grand Daddy Hotel to name but a few, waiting to be discovered.

Go for a horse ride in Noordhoek

Imagine an endless white, sandy beach, waves crashing next to you, and you and your person trotting along on the back of a horse. Next level romantic. Make your way to Noordhoek for a Valentine’s Day beach horse ride to remember. This type of date will set you back roughly R500 1,5 hours.




Go see a movie at the Labia Theatre

For those who’d prefer a more relaxed Valentine’s, a movie is always a great idea. Do not, under any circumstances, take your date to a mall to go see a movie! There’ll be 1000 people and it will be the opposite of romantic.

Instead, book a movie at the Labia theatre for an old-world movie experience.


Don’t let this Valentine’s day be “just another Valentine’s Day. Embrace the variety of options only a place like the Cape can offer you.

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