Biokinetics: the unique fit for body, energy and exercise

Biokinetics: the unique fit for body, energy and exercise

The word Biokinetics comes from two sources – the Greek word “bios” which means life and “kinesis” meaning movement. Biokinetics explains how physical activity can be used to maintain a better quality of life. It is a well-researched study of how we move and how that movement affects our health. Whether we are applying movement as a preventative measure or for rehabilitation purposes, biokinetics teaches us to move or exercise in a way that is most beneficial to us.

The work of a biokineticist

A biokineticist is a clinical exercise specialist who studies the natural lines of action which initiate and motivate changes in motion as we move through an exercise regime or even just the normal engagements of a busy day. Biokinetics shows us how to move so that we can make the most of our energy in the most efficient way. It ensures that we encompass the full spectrum of muscular possibility in a way that avoids damage and keeps us healthy, and also works to correct any problems that may be brewing.

As a result of modern sedentary lifestyles, numerous health risks have emerged. Lack of activity causes the natural physical functions of the body to deteriorate which can result in hypokinetic disease or even premature death. The expert assessments of qualified biokineticists have proven invaluable in helping to prevent and treat various chronic diseases resulting from lack of exercise such as back problems, orthopaedic conditions, heart disease, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, diminished muscular function and osteoporosis.

Biokinetics and everyday health

Movement is essential to every part of our lives, encompassing learning, working, play, communicating, sport, recreation, etc. Movement defines our lives – and therefore to lose control of it, is to lose our ability to operate in a normal way. Capability of ease of movement may be lost due to various reasons such as disease, aging, injury or even heredity. But sadly, it is often due as much to lack of exercise as anything else.
The cost of chronic and disabling disease is considerable – both to those who suffer and society itself. There is no more relevant discipline that truly adheres to the old adage: ‘prevention is better than cure’. Prevention of movement loss and the resulting disabling conditions through improved detection and treatment, as well as more effective rehabilitative strategies, is of global importance in the modern world.
As a scientifically-based physical activity programme, Biokinetics can be used by anyone wanting to enjoy better health and maintain good physical ability. It is greatly beneficial in final phase rehabilitation where injuries either recently or long recovered, require focused, dedicated exercises to regain improved mobility.

Biokinetics and rehabilitation

Working with injury, disease or post-operative conditions, a biokineticist will hone an exercise programme to specifically work the affected area so that with time and patience and the right stretch and retraction, the damaged part and vicinity are encouraged to return to either full, or best use possible. Rehabilitation may focus on postural analysis and motivate exercises that can improve a lifetime of entrenched bad habits. Exercises are specifically devised to increase muscular strength, endurance and power, flexibility and motion, ensuring that stabilizer muscles are also strengthened for better balance and control of movement.



The value of biokinetics

Biokinetics is considered a primary health care function, providing accessible and cost-effective health care to everybody. As such, it is playing a vital role in the advancement human health across the world by providing: real economic value for the services

  • early detection of a wide spectrum of conditions at a savings to the health care system
  • entry into the health care system for many patients who would otherwise not be aware they need to seek care,
  • physical fitness and preparedness for learning and achievement in children.
  • greater productivity in the workforce and economic benefits to business.
  • individual independence rather than the costly care and support of institutions.

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