Cape Country Living: The 3 C’s of Why and 3 Options for Where

Cape Country Living: The 3 C’s of Why and 3 Options for Where

Small town living is making a comeback. City life – although exciting – easily becomes hurried and stressful. Living in the countryside is the beautiful alternative to this taxing lifestyle and the Western Cape has plenty to offer when it comes to small towns.

The 3 C’s of why to consider a casa in the Cape countryside


Most Western Cape small towns away from large cities have less pollution of various kinds. Fresher air; reduced noise; even less dirty crimes – all sparkling reasons for a fresh beginning in the country.


Country life tends to be kinder than city life. If you are looking for a more neighbourly and hospitable atmosphere – small town living is for you! Lower house prices and less cramming also mean more opportunity to get comfortable and create a living space that you love.


Far from the rushed and rowdy metropolitan, the countryside often offers a more relaxed and peaceful environment. With no spending hours in traffic, chasing deadlines in high office buildings and trying to keep up with all the entertainment a city has to offer, small town life is simply less stressed. Also, being more in touch with nature has a calming effect on even the stormiest soul.

Where to live

If you are thinking of ditching the city for a small town, you have ample options to choose from in the Western Cape. Here are three of many pleasant possibilities:


Nestled in the Olifants River Valley, the magnificent Cederberg Mountains overlook the town, two rivers caress it and it is – quite obviously – home to the Clanwilliam Dam. Furthermore, millions of wildflowers pay an annual visit during springtime and various endangered fynbos species are found in the area. This splendid setting offers stunning scenery and plenty of outdoor activities for residents to enjoy. Apart from clearly being nature lovers’ paradise, Clanwilliam is also a historical site as one of the oldest towns in the country and, being seated in the unique Rooibos cultivation area, even boasts global importance. Its significant location provides local entrepreneurs with ample opportunities to sustain a life. With its friendly agricultural community, variety of recreational facilities and lovely landscape it is truly a gem of a town.


This coastal town on the Garden Route is the epitome of laid-back bliss. It is so dedicated to a relaxed pace of life that it is the first town in South Africa to join the international slow town organisation, Cittaslow, and has adopted a tortoise as its emblem. Beach bums, bird watchers and bowlers (or golf and tennis players, kayakers, hikers…) will feel right at home here. Whether you are looking for abundance of adventure or plenty of peace – this little village is the place to be! Enjoy its mild weather, natural beauty and fun surroundings. You can even buy your fresh supplies at the Wild Oats farmers’ market on Saturdays – how is that for authentic living?

Prince Albert

Located at the feet of the Swartberg Mountain in the Great Karoo, this quaint little town has lots of personality. It mainly owes its existence to the agricultural activities in the region (wine, sheep and fruit farming among others) and as a result it hosts a charming and wholesome, rural atmosphere as well as delightful cuisine. Lovers of culture will find the town heaven with its treasure of historical buildings; lively arts, craft and design community; theatre and festivals. Furthermore, its natural setting provides many opportunities for outdoor activities and sports.

If urban living is starting to get the better of you, why not consider the better-for-you option of moving to a small town somewhere in the Cape countryside where you can fall asleep to the sounds of nature and awake to meet just another, typical, peaceful day?

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