The Lockdown Lifestyle

The Lockdown Lifestyle: changes you can make to remain resourceful under lockdown We should regard lockdown time not as a period of restriction and frustration, but rather an opportunity to do [...]

The Value of Antiques

The Value of Antiques: old world charm in a new world investment There’s probably no more satisfying creative endeavour than taking a beautiful piece of old craftsmanship and restoring it to its [...]

Beloftebos – Stanford

Beloftebos – Stanford Beloftebos is the ideal destination wedding venue. Just two hours from Cape Town, it is just far enough to feel that you deserve the coffee stop at Peregrine Farm Stall near [...]

Dunes – Hout Bay

Dunes – Hout Bay Whether it is for a scrumptious breakfast after an early morning stroll on the beach, a delicious lunch whilst savouring the wonderful uninterrupted views or a sunset [...]

Linton Park – Wellington

Linton Park – Wellington The majestic Groenberg Mountain presides over Linton Park Wine Estate, which is minutes away from the charming and rustic town of Wellington in the Western Cape Province. [...]

Exploring Long Street

Exploring Long Street Every year, Long Street draws thousands of locals and international tourists to its shops, bars, restaurants and sights. It is known the world over for its eclectic mix of [...]

Building bulk like the hulk

Building bulk like the hulk So, you want to bulk up, you say… Problem is, you’ve probably heard 50 different opinions from people at the gym, personal trainers, YouTube videos, your [...]

What to taste when wine tasting

What to taste when wine tasting You might have thought it strange your whole life that people taste things like chocolate, berries, vanilla, clove, or even citrus fruits in wine when, in fact, [...]

Making the most of beach days

Making the most of beach days As holiday mode kicks in, many are dusting off their beach umbrellas and bathers and getting ready for their trips to the Cape. Maybe it’s your first time in the [...]


Observatory Merely 6km from Cape Town CBD, this eclectic area got its name from the South African Astronomical Observatory where you can attend a talk and on a clear night, observe the night sky [...]