Exploring False Bay: how to have the ultimate adventure

Exploring False Bay: how to have the ultimate adventure

Adventure awaits around every corner in the Mother City, especially in False Bay. Apart from stunning beaches and top-notch restaurants, it also offers the adventure-seeker (whichever type you are) plenty of options.

We’ve selected a couple of our favourites to share with you:

Surfing at Muizenberg or Koeël Bay

For beginners or those who like smaller waves, Muizenberg is the perfect spot to play around with your surfboard. For those who are a little bit more gutsy, on the other hand, Koeël Bay is just the spot – located between Gordon’s Bay and Rooi Els, below the Koeëlberg mountain – which rises to about 1289m. Park your car next to the road at the “Dappat se Gat” sign, and make your way down the steps to the beach. Be sure to pack a picnic and spend a lovely day down on the beach.

Cave hunting in Kalk Bay

Few people know that while they’re sitting sipping on a cocktail at Cape to Cuba, other adventure seekers are exploring caves not very far away. Boomslang caves lie above Kalk Bay and are easily accessible from Boyes Drive. It’s an easy 4km walk (which can take between 2-3 hours depending on how often you stop to take in the incredible views), starting at the Echo Valley sign on Boyes Drive.

Lose yourself in the small cobblestone streets of Kalk Bay

Adventure looks different to each person. Maybe for you, it looks like disappearing into another era. That is what it feels like roaming about in the small cobblestone streets of Kalk Bay with its quaint little clothing, jewellery, and antique shops. Don’t forget to eat an ice cream as you stroll around!

Take a train from Simon’s Town to Muizenberg

There’s no better way to appreciate False Bay’s beauty than from the train. No need to worry about traffic or road works, just sit back, relax and take in the scenery and breathe in the fresh ocean air.

Clay pigeon shooting in Simon’s Town

Clay pigeon shooting (also known as clay target shooting) in Simon’s Town is something quite out of the ordinary. This is a super fun activity where you can test your skills with a shotgun. Don’t worry, there aren’t any real pigeons involved…

Diving at Smitswinkel Bay

If you’re an experienced diver, Smitswinkel Bay is a gem to discover. There are five wrecks lying at an average depth of 35 metres to explore: the two frigates (SAS Good Hope and SAS Transvaal); two fishing trawlers, (the Princess Elizabeth and the Oratava); and a diamond dredger (Rockeater).
The wrecks are best reached by an experienced skipper from Kalk Bay or Miller’s Point. Expect some incredible sights of soft corals, sponges, and sea fans, fish, anemones, nudibranch and starfish among others.

Meet some hippos at Rondevlei Nature Reserve

Just when you thought we’ve spilled all the best-kept secrets, we tell you that there are hippos in False Bay!? That’s right, folks. Rondevlei Nature Reserve forms part of the greater False Bay Ecology Park and boasts a wonderful small hippopotamus population – the only reserve in Cape Town where you’ll find hippos for that matter. It’s also home to roughly 230 bird species, as well as a number of other reptiles and mammals.

For an epic, adventurous day out, explore the river and lake by boat and see the diverse wildlife from the water by going on a chartered boat tour.

What can you add to our ultimate adventure list in the False Bay area?

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