Exploring Long Street

Exploring Long Street

Every year, Long Street draws thousands of locals and international tourists to its shops, bars, restaurants and sights. It is known the world over for its eclectic mix of ethnic, bohemian and cosmopolitan influences and arguably captures the inner city spirit of Cape Town better than
any of its other roads. Whether you’re a local or an international tourist, this guide will give you a good breakdown of what you need to know to get the most out of your time on this iconic road (contrary to what the name implies, it’s not that long. About 3.2 kilometers).

Coffee shops

Long Street wakes up between six and eight o’clock in the morning when professionals and locals start off their day with a fine cup of coffee and a gourmet sandwich. If you’re an early bird and want to get a feel for the vibe, try Yours truly Long Street on for size.


Cape Town is home to world-renowned restaurants, and Long Street is evidence of this. Royale Eatery serves life-changing gourmet burgers and double-thick shakes, while Masala Dosa delights with mouthwatering Indian fare. If you’re in the mood for authentic African cuisine,
Mama Africa is your go-to.


Would you rather whet your appetite with the meals of the everyday man? You can’t go wrong with fish and chips from Revelas Fisheries , or curry, noodles and samosas from Food Inn.

Second hand shops

Vintage clothing is all the rage right now, and Long Street is a hub for fashion-conscious folk. Check out Vintage and the City , Second Time Around , Gracious Daisy and Afraid Of mice for a new outfit.

Antiques, music and books

Long Street is filled with establishments selling souvenirs and niche goods. The Long Street Antique Arcade is an antiquer’s dream come true, whereas while Clarke’s Bookshop caters for bookworms with a selection of high-end second hand tomes. The African Music Store stocks all the unique sounds of Africa on vinyl, disc and even cassette.

Skating/surfing shops

Cape Town is well known for its surfing and skating population. If the curb is more your thing, go talk to the guys at Boardhub for some gear. If you’re headed to Big Bay or Muizenberg, go to Rip Curl for everything you’ll need to hit the waves.

Backpackers and hotels

Undoubtedly a large reason for Long Street’s vibiness is its massive turnover of foreign visitors. Backpacking lodges like Carnival Court are famous for their party atmosphere and their close proximity to just about everything the Cape Town CBD has to offer. If you want something a bit more upper-class, but still authentic, then Daddy Long Legs Art Hotel is just the place to lay down your weary head.


As locals will attest, when the sun goes down, Long Street transforms from a busy city street to a strip of some of the best nightlife in Africa.
Enjoy drinks at Beerhouse with its 99 local and imported bottles of beer and 25 taps, or great pizza and cocktails on SGT Pepper ’s deck. Then go dance the night away at Fiction , or relax with cigars and groovy beats at Club 169 .

Photography and sightseeing

Cape Town isn’t known as one of the most picturesque cities in the world for nothing. LongStreet is filled with beautiful old buildings, colourful characters and trendy establishments, so make sure you get a few snaps! Many of the locals insist on shooting with film, but we’ll leave that up to you.


The MyCiti Bus is a transport service that was established in Cape Town to ease congestion woes during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and has since become a popular mode of public transport for locals and visitors alike. There are MyCiti bus stops all over Long Street. Cards,
which are loaded with prepaid points, can be purchased from main MyCiti terminals and some convenience stores. Long Street also has an abundant cab service, and an Uber or Taxify is always around the corner.

A word of caution

Petty crime is, unfortunately, a reality of Long Street, so keep your valuables close and stay out of dark alleys, especially at night when you’re new to the city. Also be weary of cab drivers you don’t find trustworthy. Other than that…Use your common sense and your sense of adventure to immerse yourself into the whimsical strip that has inspired its inhabitants and visitors to write songs, poetry and even plays about it.

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