Five ways to donate your time

Five ways to donate your time

It’s that time of year when we start settling in again. After the bliss of the summer holiday, we
gradually become accustomed to once again waking early and braving the traffic, going to work
or class, taking lunch and squeezing in an hour at the gym and doing it all again the next day.

Weekends are usually spent with family and friends, or by simply lazing at home with a good
book or series. And yet, when we return to the rat race on Monday, many of us feel rested but,
somehow, not quite fulfilled. How can this be?

The answer is simpler than one might think. Between posting Instagram stories and working
overtime to get that promotion, we have become desensitized to a crucial component of being
human: making a real difference to our environment and community.

Need some ideas for how you can proactively make the world a better place? We’ve got you
sorted out.

1. Start a soup kitchen

Get your family involved and spend Saturday cooking up a big pot of soup! If you don’t have a
big pot, rent or borrow. You don’t need to fork out for the most expensive ingredients on the
supermarket shelf, and simple styrofoam cups will do.

Identify a park or other public place in your city/town, load your car with said pot of soup and a
ladle, a stand-up table and cups, and go set up. A queue of those less fortunate will form much
faster than you think, and you’ll feed many hungry tummies within one or two hours.

This recipe ought to do the trick (the parmesan is non-compulsory):

2. Organize a beach clean-up

Even now, our beaches are still heavily polluted from the tourist season. Luckily, you have
friends and the ability to create a Facebook event.

Take a Sunday drive around the coast to identify a beach that needs some tidying (or do some
research online), buy a few refuse bags and start inviting volunteers.

Besides the reward of doing something good for the environment, you can even suggest that
everyone move to a closeby bar or restaurant afterwards for a cold beer or two.

3. Walk a dog

This is a perfect do-good-outing for couples.
Most animal shelters are happy to have volunteers show up and take a homeless pooch for a
stroll free of charge.
Careful, though… you might end up adopting a new best friend faster than you think!

4. Help children

Any local orphanage or lesser-privileged school in your area will always be thankful for
stationery, clothing, toiletries, canned food or toys.

Take the initiative and start a donation program at your office or school, then deliver the
proceeds to your chosen institution. Next time you feel like complaining because the waiter got
your order wrong, you’ll think twice.

5. Take up film photography

Or digital photography, for that matter (film is much cooler, though). Taking beautiful pictures of
those closest to you and gifting it to them will create smiles all around.
Better yet, frame really good photos for special birthday gifts.

Bringing it all together

It’s not so much important to see how much you can do as it is to see what you can do to help.
Start by making a difference today. You’ll thank yourself for it.

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