Local Markets not to miss in the Southern Suburbs

Local Markets not to miss in the Southern Suburbs

Apart from mountains, malls, wine farms and wedding venues, the Southern Suburbs also boasts some tantalising markets. If you don’t know by now, markets are kind of a big deal here in the Mother City; not only is it a fun way to wind down and catch up with friends and family but it’s also a great way to support our local creatives, cooks, and artisans.

Here are a few spots in the Southern Suburbs that will get you into the market mode:

Earth Fair Market

Taking place every Wednesday and Saturday, the Earth Fair Market in Tokai (behind Builders Warehouse) is a favourite weekly excursion for many.  Apart from amazing food, drinks and live music, it also offers fresh organic fruits, veg and herbs and best of all, zero waste shopping options!

Go browse their website here to get a better idea http://www.earthfairmarket.co.za/

Chilled Market at the Range

Set in such a magical, natural setting between Tokai Forest and Constantia Valley, the market at the Range is open every Friday evening. You can expect a marquee tent with plenty of bench tables, mouthwatering foods, bonfires outside and live music to add to the feel-good vibe.

To get into the groove, visit: https://insideguide.co.za/cape-town/best-markets-in-cape-town/

Blue Bird Garage Food & Goods Market

This is a market we’ve recommended before – The Blue Bird Garage Food & Goods Market just off Main Road (close to ‘Bedfellows’ furniture shop) in an old postal plane hangar.

Open every Friday night, you can expect to find a little bit of everything there – from collections of local artisans, speciality cooks, bakers, and designers, handpicked local wines, craft beer, live music, as well as a fun kids area.


Take a peep at www.bluebirdgarage.co.za

Vineyard Oval Market

Taking place every Wednesday at Maynardville Park in Wynberg, the Vineyard Oval Market is a weekly night market that takes place from 4pm-9pm. The perfect summer mid-week wind-down session, this market offers a family play area, food trucks, wine tasting, craft beers, arts and crafts and speciality stalls.

To get the feel, visit https://www.facebook.com/VineyardOvalMarket/?fref=mentions

Cape Point Vineyards Community Market

Another market we’ve told you about before, Cape Point Vineyards market is set against the backdrop of the Silvermine Nature Reserve with sweeping views over the Noordhoek valley and Long Beach. The market usually takes place on a Thursday evening from 4.30pm-8.30pm and has delicious food and drinks to offer. Enjoy a mellow evening with friends and family watching the sun set behind the ocean.

Take a gander at their site at http://cpv.co.za/community-market/

The Farm Village Market Noordhoek

Fairly new on the Noordhoek menu is the Farm Village Market that runs every Wednesday evening at the Noordhoek Farm Village. Food varies from Italian, Mexican, Potjie, Food Barn offerings, vegan, and more. The market is held under a tent (with gas heaters for those chilly nights).

Visit http://www.thefarmvillage.co.za/ to get the farm feel.

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