Making the most of beach days

Making the most of beach days

As holiday mode kicks in, many are dusting off their beach umbrellas and bathers and getting ready for their trips to the Cape. Maybe it’s your first time in the Mother City, or maybe you’ve been in our beautiful hood before but never really holidayed here.

Something you simply cannot miss out on is the blissful beaches – especially those on the Atlantic Seaboard.

We’ll let you in on our favourites in the area, but first things first… you need to make sure you have the right items for your beach bag before you head off to a blissful day of sun, sea and sand. If not, chances are, your experience won’t be as fabulous as it could have been.

Do bring:

  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun hat
  • Reading material
  • Umbrella
  • Cash
  • Water / cool drinks
  • Snacks
  • Beach games such as beach bats, ball, frisbee

Don’t bring:

  • Firearms
  • Alcohol

Camps Bay Beach

The LA of SA, many would say. Camps Bay’s palm-tree-lined main road and beach will be buzzing with holiday goers, socialites and celebs. The beach is popular for foreigners strutting their designer swimwear but also the average family wanting to enjoy some fun in the sun. Few things beat the blues like sipping on a cocktail at one of the many bars at sundown.

The upside?

There are plenty shops and restaurants as well as trees here and there for shade. There is also a tidal pool for those who would like to swim or allow their little ones to splash without the infamous Camps Bay beach break tumbling them.

The downside?

Traffic! It may just be easier to navigate Joburg traffic than it is to find parking in Camps Bay during December. Honestly.

Glen Beach

Situated next to Camps Bay beach is a more tranquil haven called Glen Beach. Frequented more often by surfers, this beach is cordoned off by boulders and sand dunes and therefore not easily spotted by passers-by.

The upside?

Not too many people so you can enjoy the peace and quiet as you soak up the sun and watch the surfers in action. Sunsets are also magical to experience from this beach.

The downside?

Even though shops and cafes are within walking distance, it’s a bit further than if you were simply on Camps Bay beach.


The ultimate go-to beaches are in Clifton – Cape Town’s Mediterranean look-alike neighbourhood, where you will literally feel like you are walking into a magazine. The beauty is unmatched.
Not only are there four beaches (or coves) to choose from, but the water is crystal clear and sand oh-so-soft and white. Each of the four beaches has its own vibe, so there’s almost something for everyone:

Clifton 1st: Not too many people – mostly locals and surfers
Clifton 2nd: Here you often encounter the more liberal beach goers usually into their beach sports and sunbathing (don’t be alarmed if you see tighty-whitey speedos).
Clifton 3rd: A lovely, chilled beach – not as quiet as 1st and not as busy as 4th. This is a good spot for sunbathing, sundowners, or a dinner beach picnic. You’ll even have a street artist play some music for a donation on occasion.
Clifton 4th: This is by far the most popular of all four beaches. Here you’ll find all types of people ranging from ripped young guys strutting their beach bodies, 20-something-year-old girls in the latest beach apparel, to kayakers, families and beach sport enthusiasts.

The upside?

Everyone knows December in Cape Town equals WIND! However, being mostly sheltered, you aren’t likely to be bothered by December month’s ferocious wind. You can also sunbathe until about 6:30pm thanks to the late summer sunsets.

The downside?

Traffic, unfortunately. Best to hop on a MyCiti bus and not worry about parking on top of traffic. Be prepared for a lot of stairs, so don’t pack too many things. It is not a disabled-friendly beach. There are no shops nearby – only one-man vendors walking around on the beach selling water, cool drinks and ice cream.

Sea Point

Sea Point spells family fun. The promenade lines the ocean and a variety of beaches offer refreshing swims and, at some, the perfect tiny waves for tiny kiddies. The more secluded beaches in this area include Saunders Rock’s Beach, Queens Beach, and Sunset Beach.

Closer to the promenade and Sea Point pavilion you have the option of more buzzing beaches such as Broken Bath Beach and Milton Beach which are perfect for families with little ones wanting to splash in the water.

The upside?

Being right next to the promenade, shops and shade are close at hand. Parking is usually not too difficult to find, but a good option is taking the MyCiti Bus.

The downside?

Sea Point can get very crowded during summer.

There you have it… Let the beachin’ begin, folks. And don’t forget to let us know what your favourite Cape Town beach is this summer!

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