Nine Amazing Photoshoot Locations in Cape Town

Nine Amazing Photoshoot Locations in Cape Town

Why stop at 9, you might ask. In Cape Town we are undoubtedly spoilt for choice. Mountain, sea, winelands, beaches, forests. Almost around every corner there’s a view, especially that iconic image of Table Mountain. So let’s start right there, with the grand possibilities for great shots and stupendous vistas!

One: Table Mountain

This amazing lump of rock dominates nearly every part of the Cape Town skyline. So your camera is unlikely to miss it. Wherever you choose to go, you’re going to find a sighting that, if caught in the right light and exact angle, is going to prove outstanding. From Signal Hill across to Lions Head and over the saddle to the granite wall of the mountain itself, an array of opportunities await.

Signal Hill will give you vast scenes across the Atlantic and into the golden chaos of spectacular sunsets. Lions Head throws the perspective over Camps Bay, the white crescent of a perfect beach, and the dramatic rocky outcrops of the Twelve Apostles – while the summit of Table Mountain gives you the spread of the city, and views into the lands of forever. Whether you chose a backdrop, or you want the vibrant clarity of the view itself, this has to be one of the most astonishing places on Earth for photographic genius and magical potential.

Two: Groot Constantia

Grace, history, panoramic views, and the luscious lines of green summer vines – this 17th century home of Simon van der Stel, has a stately old-fashioned charm and fascination. Architecturally powerful and imposing, it stands as a continuance of time and tradition in its original setting. Here, you will have ample photo opportunities from the whitewashed outlines of the old buildings stark against a blue sky, to the nuance of history in the dark shadows of the dungeons.

Three: Rhodes Memorial

Here is an atmospheric setting that lends itself to great photographs, even perhaps the historical backdrop for a movie. The great granite pillars are beautifully preserved, and the steps up to the bust of Rhodes remind one of an ancient Greek temple. For grandeur, light and shade, and a plethora of unique architectural angles for an imaginative eye and a good camera, you simply can’t do better. Dramatic, brooding and stark against the magnificent rise of Devils Peak.

Four: Helderberg


Not only will you find yourself in the soaring majesty of these old crystalline rocky mountains, rugged, steep, with breathtaking views offering both beauty and danger, but you will also find yourself among many superb wine farms offering photographic shoot potential that will leave you dizzy. The mountains, the vines, and the sheer clarity of the air will leave you clicking your camera with enthusiasm. Everywhere there will be combinations of shapes and shadows that will allow you to create a truly artistic portfolio.

Five: Simonstown

For a village feel, for the quaint and the quirky, you will delight in the old town with its harbour, historic buildings, nooky restaurants and shops. Because so much of Simonstown has been preserved and the Victorian architecture still spills wrought-iron shadows on the pavements, you will find an array of photo opportunities here that you will love – from the signage to unspoilt interiors, to a beach of pottering penguins and unique architectural formats. It lends itself to the evocation of history and some truly picturesque points of view.

Six: Kirstenbosch

Whether you’re wanting to capture wonderful flowers, extraordinary birdlife or use the superlative backdrop of the gardens and the mountain for some perfect wedding photos, these renown gardens are the place to do it. Whichever kind of scenery you’re searching for, the gardens present you with vast choice. Perfect plains of green lawn sweep in emerald sheen everywhere. Exotic plants jostle for attention in shade and light, and mystery paths capture your attention and imagination. Whether you shoot from the ‘boomslang’ catwalk above the trees, or linger down a shaded, stony paths, you will find much to admire in this photographer’s dream-world.

Seven: Bo-Kaap

A kaleidoscope of colour greets your eyes as you walk into the Bo-Kaap – or what used to be called the Malay Quarter. The houses are cottage-sized and brightly painted and maintained. It’s almost like walking into a picture book, narrow streets and the sense of a close-knit community. Here is a seamless connection of history, culture, and art – the secure formats of custom and tradition. You will feel you have entered another world entirely, and your camera will want to record that, using a palette of bright backdrops to create bold and unforgettable portraits.

Eight: Robben Island

Robben Island (Afrikaans: Robbeneiland) in Table Bay, west of the coast of Bloubergstrand, Cape Town, South Africa. Robben Island is a South African National Heritage Site as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

For probably the most spectacular view of Table Mountain, you should take the trip out to Robben Island. But the island itself is a journey into history, a capsule of time from the old buildings to the prison itself and the iconic cell where Nelson Mandela was held prisoner for so many years. There’s a poignancy here, a wistfulness, a sense of timelessness and time lost. If you have the camera, the imagination, and the soul – you can take an extraordinary record of this island of memories.

Nine: Cape Point

Cape Point and Cape of good hope (South Africa) aerial view shot from a helicopter

For natural drama and breathtaking seascapes, you can’t miss a trip to Cape Point where you will see the grand spectacle of the ocean clashing below a magnificent and dramatic rock face spearing into the sea. There are some surrounding cliffs filled with bird life, and a scenic unspoilt beach with pristine sands and dark, layered cliffs – the perfect setting for a photoshoot or even an action movie.

That’s 9 great locations of so many more! Wherever you aim your camera in the Cape, you are bound to get an arresting, if not beautiful, shot. Whether taking single photographs, a video, or engaging in the camerawork of a bigger production, Cape Town will give you the view, the colour, the light, and the ‘wow’ factor. It can’t help it – it’s just made that way.

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