Nothing beats the northern suburbs

Nothing beats the northern suburbs

Never say this to someone from the southern suburbs though. If you’re new to Cape Town, you’ll quickly realise that Capetonians are quite passionate about their hood.

Nevertheless, wherever you set foot in this province, you’ll encounter beauty, fun, and rejuvenation.

Here’s why we are particularly in love with the city’s northern suburbs.

1. Veni, vidi, vino!

One of the best things about the northern suburbs is that it’s surrounded by some of the most prestigous wine farms in the Western Cape. The northern suburbs truly boast some of the best, including Durbanville Hills (the restaurant of which also just happened to win Restaurant Week 2017 with an average score of 9.7), D’Aria, Bloemendal, De Grendel, Nitida, and many more.


2. Get romantic at Galileo Open Air Cinema

Gone are the days of drive-in movies where you pulled the car up next to a radio and spent the night NOT watching the movie. The Galileo Open Air Cinema, which runs on Tuesdays during the summer months, at pre-selected venues across Cape Town, is a bucket-list experience in itself!

Enjoy a variety of cuisine options on offer at the selected venue’s food stall vendors, or pack your own picnic basket! The selected movie (usually a cult classic or former box office hit), starts to air beneath a canvas of evening stars, as soon as the sun sets. Bring along a board game or pack of cards to kill the time beforehand (and do remember a comfortable pillow and blanket, as the evening air can still get a bit chilly).

Galileo venues in the northern suburbs have included Meerendal and Bloemendal Wine Estates, as well as Hillcrest Quarry. Visit their Facebook page to view movie and venue schedules.

3. Let loose at the Barnyard Theatre

For some reason, folks always seem to let loose at a Barnyard Theatre show. Maybe it’s the fact that it showcases some of the greatest hits of our time, which makes people sit back relax and rejuvenate and then eventually join in and sing and dance their worries away. The Barnyard Theatre also regularly hosts well-known South African bands, comedians and other performers.

4. Slow eating at Willowbridge Slow Food Market

It’s not Cape Town if there’s not a market involved. And no, they’re not just in the City Bowl. Check out the Slow Food Market at the Willowbridge Lifestyle Centre for tantalising gourmet food, fresh country produce, organic nuts and dried fruit products, cheeses and dairy products, diabetic rusks and artisanal breads, cakes and pastries, biltong, preserves, gardening plants, herbs and fresh country flowers, and much more.

5. Get lost

It’s no secret that you don’t have to go very far to find a splendid hiking trail here in the Cape. Tygerberg Nature Reserve lies in the northern suburbs of Cape Town and is perfect for a weekend walk, or after work wind down in the midst of mother nature. Majik Forest Nature Reserve is another favourite for especially mountain bikers.

6. Dust off your dancing shoes

Not clubbing, but langarm for a change. It’s a well-known fact that the northern suburbs (also known as ‘’behind the boereworsgordyn) is more Afrikaans speaking than the southern suburbs, so a langarmdans (directly translated as ‘’long arm dancing’’) is something you have to embrace when you hang out in the north. There are a couple of spots where you can go for a fun dance including Klipwerf, Opskop, and Danskraal.

7. Try tobogganing

No, this is not some new member in the brass instrument family. Cool Runnings in the northern suburbs doesn’t involve any cold conditions (like in the movie Cool Runnings) but it does involve a sled, a lever and a stainless-steel track, where you can reach speeds of up to 40 kilometres an hour. Fun on another level for the entire family.

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