Our top 8 local coffee roasteries in Cape Town

Our top 8 local coffee roasteries in Cape Town

It’s our best friend in the morning, on a drive, when we’re feeling stressed, even sometimes when we have a headache. What would we do without coffee?!

Chicory coffee brands have been found in many a South African house throughout the years. The truth is, it’s not coffee coffee. You see, chicory coffee is a beverage made using the roots of the chicory plant, which are roasted, ground and then brewed into a coffee-like drink.

Not that there’s anything wrong with chicory – different strokes for different folks! But if you feel like we do about ‘proper’ coffee, then welcome to, what many have now dubbed as, the ‘coffee snob club’. Nevermind that, we don’t see anything wrong with appreciating a decent cup of coffee and neither should you.

Look, we know that Cape Town is no Italy where you can find a bloody good cup of joe every 10 odd metres, but it does offer some pretty fabulous local coffee roasters.

1. Truth Coffee

David Donde is the co-founder of Origin (see below), a cafe renowned in Cape Town for excellent roasting.

You can find Truth coffee in a couple of places around Cape Town these days but our favourite spot is still HQ, located at 36 Buitenkant Street.

Space abounds inside this funky coffee bar with a high roof, warehouse feeling that is warmed up by the smell of coffee (of course), vintage posters, metal piping, vintage decorative items and ambient lighting.

Don’t get so carried away that you forget to pay attention to your coffee though!

2. Rosetta Roastery

Located in the trendy Woodstock Exchange, Rosetta Roastery’s coffee bar is an experience in itself. As you walk into the Exchange, you are met with the most wonderous smell of quality coffee beans, roasted to perfection. Even non-coffee drinkers can’t not comment on the fantastic smell.

The vibe is trendy, yet business-y, as the Woodstock Exchange is a popular co-working space with many entrepreneurs and startup businesses meeting the daily grind head-on in this space.

Rosetta sources and micro-roasts speciality grade, single origin coffees from Africa, Asia, and South and Central America.

3. Shift Espresso Bar

Okay, so if your tagline reads “death before decaf,” then you know you’re serious about coffee! The name “Shift” was inspired by the owner and his family who made some big changes in their lives and shifted completely into the world of coffee. How happy we are they made that shift!

Shift Espresso Bar’s premium coffee is roasted locally and is fair trade certified. If you decide to visit, be sure to try the “Rebellion” coffee.

4. Origin Coffee Roasting

A classic go-to spot for many Capetonians is Origin. Joel Singer started the company in 2006, with his motivation being to want to offer South Africans exceptional, quality roasted coffee from around the world.

Many other coffee shops buy their beans from Origin which offers a choice of the finest roasted coffee. It has a huge selection of single origin coffees.

Visit Origin at its stunning building on 28 Hudson St, De Waterkant.

5. Deluxe Coffee Work

Open to the fact that it doesn’t try to be fancy with food or Wi-Fi, Deluxe Coffee Works focusses solely on, that’s right, coffee. It offers the finest, hand-selected Brazilian, Guatemalan and Ethiopian coffee bean varieties – blended and roasted in-house daily to create full-bodied, full-flavoured, and smooth coffee.

Having popped up like mushrooms, you can visit Deluxe Coffee Works in a few spots in the CBD, Gardens, as well as in Stellenbosch.

6. Tribe

Tribe is another one of those roasters whose had small shops pop up all over the city. Its coffee is good and the vibe chic urban with free Wi-Fi.

One of our favourite shops is the small, intimate one on Albert Street in Woodstock. It’s the perfect spot for those freelancers who need the buzz of caffeine and people around them.

Also, remember to try one of their freshly baked pastries, especially the chocolate croissant!

7. Fleet

A product of Labit, which describes itself as a for-profit business incubator, Fleet Coffee is the baby of Lieutenant Commander Barista, Cheslin Grobbler, who apparently got clued up on all the tricks of the barista trade whilst training in the navy.

Based a bit further out of the city, you can find Fleet Coffee in Paarl on 57 Main Street.

8. Peacock Tea and Coffee

Just because there is the word “tea” in the name, do not underestimate Peacock’s coffee! This is probably one of the most underrated coffee roasters in Cape Town.

Not only are their shops few and far in between, but they are cute, cosy, and most importantly, their coffee is tops.

You can find Peacock Tea and Coffee shops all over the city – in Century City, Noordhoek, Tokai, Pinelands, Tableview, N1 City, Somerset West, Rondebosch, Stellenbosch, and even Worcester.

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