Revive your inner spirit in 2020: a lifestyle bucket list

Revive your inner spirit in 2020: a lifestyle bucket list

There’s an interesting space between New Year resolutions and bucket lists of things to do – and that difference lies in how you change the way you experience life. Beyond giving up smoking or chocolate, or planning exotic trips to the east, there’s a closer to home and more realistic set of adventures awaiting.

Changing the way you live and enhancing the inner spirit is actually a vision more within reach and more sustainable than you might think. Don’t suffer the guilt of broken resolutions, or slip into a coma with food poisoning on a remote island. Give your life a boost of fresh energy right here.

Avenues of green

Are you tired of the green issue already? Hopefully not, because it is going to become a greater theme in your life year by year. Greening is more than just sorting the garbage between paper and plastic – green is taking a new look at the relationship between yourself and your environment.

While taking care of pollution and carbon footprint is constructive and a good place to start, greening should be more than a knee-jerk reaction to dire warnings of climate change. Greening should also be feeling, observing, engaging.

When last did you walk barefoot on the earth, feeling the grass beneath your feet? Have you sat and really listened to the sound of the birds or the fall of rain? Have you hugged a tree (no smirking here)? Have you practiced deep breathing for at least five minutes each day? We engage with people on the best level we can on a daily basis, but we forget to extend our interface with the natural world around us. Be aware, be present, take nothing for granted, and be grateful for colours, scents, sounds, the feel of the wind and the sun; stop and take note of clouds, blue skies and slow sunsets. Make 2020 the year you become part of the shifting elements of the day, and experience your life on your planet.


We are aware today of the damage stress can cause in our lives, but often we can’t find the time to slow down. But what we can do is take moments to calm the mind. The interesting thing is that we can take conscious control of ourselves: closing our eyes to rest them; looking up to the sky for 30 seconds; breathing slowly; using brands that are developed with destressing in mind such as lavender roll-ons; playing music that relaxes you; ensuring you look upon greenery at least once a day; putting stop-time moments in your diary; learning that time to recharge is more beneficial than rushing to that late appointment. And read. Yes, a book, poetry, spiritual endeavour or self-help – whatever. Taking your mind to new places through the written word can be one of the greatest ways to both relax and re-energise the mind.

Take care of yourself

This is not a selfish waste of time. Industries in the arts of massage and aromatherapy are popular and ever-growing. Looking good is as much an up-lifter as exercise and a new haircut. Make this year a time when you pay more attention to appearance and impression, and give yourself time to feel better with personalised treatments in the form of spa investment, good skin products, a new exercise regime or change of diet – and even gadgets that save time or an update in your home décor. All of these things from simple engagements such as manicures and pedicures to learning new mind power tricks, are important to wellbeing. Make 2020 the year you look good to feel good.

Greater personal contact

This is more important than possibly any other tactic in wellbeing. Make sure you keep up contact with your family and friends in 2020. Studies have shown that people who maintain solid connections with good friends, are happier and more mentally well-adjusted than those who let life get in the way of personal contacts. If you haven’t seen someone in a while, make the effort to re-connect, set up the meeting and time and place. Don’t wait for the other person to make the first move.

Too many people use the worn-out cliché ‘we must meet sometime’. Do it. Make it happen. Find those old sparks of memory of times that made you laugh and cry together. The memories you share are unique and a foundation of familiarity and good cheer that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether your friends are far or near, it doesn’t matter – the ability to talk about your life, your issues, your dreams to those who know you and understand your history, is the most satisfying thing you can do. Make 2020 the year you reconnect.

A healthy perspective

So this is the year you are going to ensure a healthy diet and join the gym. Right? Well, maybe not. Health is one of those resolutions that tends to fall by the wayside as the year progresses. But digital technology can help you to keep track of the good and the bad before things slip out of control. Wearing a health watch on your wrist will enable you to check your vitals at any given moment. Heath management is advancing at a pace with the growth of technology. Make sure this is the year you at least keep up with the knowledge, even if you can’t keep up with the treadmill.

Financial security (protecting personal data)

Money is the foremost topic to get people hot under the collar. Keep your cool and a calm disposition by ensuring you are up to date with the latest developments in privacy and security, especially on your phone. Don’t respond to phishing emails, don’t give out personal information to anyone unless you are sitting in the bank or within the ambit of a reputable company. Don’t walk around with a cellphone in your hand and don’t keep personal information in your pocket or handbag other than perhaps an ID card. Identity theft is everywhere and on the rise, and if you want peace of mind, security should be top of mind at all time. Make 2020 the year you are more circumspect and vigilant.

Having fun, stretching the extreme

Finally, this might be the year you raise the adrenaline levels and do something you’ve been planning to do but never got around to it. This could be something as adventurous as skydiving or hang-gliding or bungi jumping. The Western Cape offers one of the best environments in the world for some of the most extreme sports, so why not take up the opportunities on your doorstep. Exhilaration pumps up the blood, gives you a sense of achievement and immerses you in the powerful influences of our awesome environment. Test the limits, float on the breeze, or fall from the sky! Make 2020 resonate in memory!

The raison d’etre for My Lifestyle Collections

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