Small changes that can make a big difference

Small changes that can make a big difference

In our fast-paced, technology driven world it’s more important than ever to appreciate, and emphasise, the small things in life. Why? Firstly, our concentration spans have become shortened due to a cornucopia of external stimuli constantly vying for our attention. In turn, we are desensitised to sensory and minor emotional experiences. We must learn to notice the small things in life in order to derive joy from them, and ultimately be happier and healthier. Secondly, we are more aware than ever that, if we want to get ahead, we need to cultivate healthy habits in order to lead productive lives and ultimately achieve success. Read on to find out how you can start seeing big changes in your life with small alterations to your routine.

Don’t buy plastic bags

Plastic. We only started producing it in mass in the 1950s, yet today we have only recycled 9% of the 79% of plastic in existence that has been dumped in landfill sites and the sea. In short, plastic is killing our oceans and even contaminating the air we breathe. Find out more here. What can you do to make it better? Use sturdy, pre-purchased shopping bags (often made from recycled plastic) rather than plastic bags purchased in supermarkets, and try to reuse any plastic containers you have purchased (think ice cream and yoghurt tubs).

Use public transport

Especially if you live in the city, public transport is a practical alternative to using your own car. You will save money on fuel and parking fees, and also eliminate the stress of navigating morning traffic. On top of that, one less vehicle on the road means fewer harmful gases emittedinto the atmosphere. Win-win. If public transport doesn’t appeal for you, use a bicycle. And if you don’t live somewhere where public transport is available or viable, why not carpool?

Prepare meals at home

Buying breakfast and lunch from restaurants or the self-help section in the supermarket every day is super expensive. Also, since you don’t have control over how your meal is prepared, it is very likely that these foods are higher in unhealthy oils, fats and carbs than home cooked meals. Not great for your health or your budget.You don’t need to spend hours every day preparing your own delicious, healthy meals to take to work. Have a look here for easy recipes and tips

Eat outside

While you’re at it, dine al fresco. A healthy amount (more or less forty minutes, depending on how warm it is) of sunlight every day makes you sleep better and wake up easier, produces vitamin D to strengthen your bones and can even help you be happier. Have a look here.

Manage social media and emails

Social media and emails have pretty much become an integral part of our existence. If you’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram already, it’s unprobable that you’re going to delete your account and get rid of social media entirely. But you can, however, manage how much of your time it takes up. Set one or two designated periods of time per day (twenty minutes or so) where you are allowed to be online to post, scroll and integrate with other users. Turning off your mobile notifications is also a pretty handy idea to help you stick to your resolution. As for emails, when you get home from work, ignore them until the next morning. If it really is an emergency, someone will call or text you.

Take the stairs

If you don’t manage to go to the gym five times a week, like you resolved to do in January, don’tbe too hard on yourself. Life is busy, and sometimes you have to prioritise some commitments over others. But that doesn’t mean you can’t at least make a few small tweaks to use your body more. Take the stairs, not the lift. Carry your shopping bags to your car (or bus!) instead of using a shopping cart. Try to walk everywhere you can. Do a few push-ups and bodyweight squats every morning when you get out of bed. You’ll be amazed at the difference that just a bit of exercise can make to your overall quality of life. Have a look here.

Less coffee

A good old cuppa (or three) a day keeps you focused and energised and helps you get all your work done. But too much of the stuff can make you suffer from insomnia, irritability, an irritable stomach and headaches. Not to mention how expensive takeaway coffee becomes once you add it up. Cut down on coffee and try to drink more water for a healthier body.

Make your bed

Neatening your sheets, duvet and pillows every morning takes one minute and gives you a sense of having accomplished something small. This helps you start off your day with a positive, organised attitude and sets you on the path to getting small things done. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and success is just as much a product of constant daily maintenance as it is reaching goals along the way. A few simple changes can really have a significant impact. You’ll notice soon enough.

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