Socialising through Technology

Socialising through Technology: the communication benefits during Covid-19

Technology has completely changed the way we interact. We can speak to people on our cell phones or online at any time and in any way: messaging, videos, pictures, face chats, group meetings, etc. And with the advent of Covid-19 these measures have gained even more emphasis than before.

How does this new form of communication impact on your lifestyle? Does it mean that you stay at home more? Or conversely, does it mean you go out more because your phone is constantly telling you what’s happening and where, and with whom? You could even set up a party without being in physical contact with anyone!

There’s no doubt that technology has altered the ways in which we interact with one another on a daily basis. Innovation has improved our lives in so many ways – and the biggest advantage has been the speed of communication and the time that we save…to sometimes engage in even more communication. So how does technology change relationships, friendships and the way we do business and live our lives?

The value of technology in changing lifestyles

The singular life

We can now buy tickets for literally anything online – no more standing in queues. We can hail a taxi at the press of a button. You don’t even have to talk to the driver because he already knows where you want to go. You can go shopping online and drones can deliver to your door. There are self-checkout systems at grocery stores. And self-check-ins at airports. You can order a meal, see a movie, stay in a hotel, fly anywhere you like, buy whatever you like – without necessarily seeing or talking to a single person.

At home

Working virtually and online and in teams that only connect via a screen, means that we are spending more time at home. This also means that we need to make our homes as comfortable as possible to enhance working in a familiar, lived-in environment. In an office, we have the convenience of air-con – the temperature is always controlled to be at the best possible gauge for ease of productivity. So – do you install air-con at home? Probably a very good idea considering our changing climate issues. If you’re a greenie, then making adjustments to your home to naturally increase sunlight or cooling airflow would be a wise thing to do moving forward.

World as an oyster

We are communicating more, faster, and better than ever before. And while this has increased productivity in the workplace, the new workplace for the future may well be the home – or in fact anywhere you choose to make it. Email, smartphones, laptops, tablets, Apple watches, GPS-enabled driving, etc, have changed our environmental requirements for working. By working remotely, we are affecting our home life as well as our working life, but we are also able to literally custom-design our working environment. You can now have that warmer office! Or you can take your work to the nearest coffee shop, or even find yourself in the botanical gardens surrounded by birdsong and greenery. All these environments have different effects and appeal to our individual natures. The result? Greater happiness among employees and greater productivity.

Cyber friendships

Technology has affected how we socialise through a converse cross-purpose of taking us further apart, and simultaneously providing a greater network of connection, and more often. Socialising on the Internet has created millions of new cyber friendships, shared knowledge and driven innovation. While the older generations may have invented the technology that is changing communication and lifestyle, the generations born post turn of the century are the first true ‘digital natives’. Their working and social reality is defined by the screen in their hand that travels wherever they go.

Information highway

Information in the tech social whirl travels at the speed of light. In five minutes an event, a new fashion, or dire predictions can move through the social media network like a forest fire. Some people feel we are losing touch with our humanity as we surge along this path, and perhaps they are right. Relationships – whether business or personal – seem to come and go with much greater ease online. Is this an improvement or hindrance to nurturing and maintaining good people connections? Or souring them for that matter? Only time will tell. It’s certain that the next generation – the ‘digital natives’ will experience the world in an entirely different way.

We’re not done talking yet

The social network will increase our reach, perhaps even cement lasting friendships – but it also has the power to break things in a way that we’re possibly not prepared for in the future. In fact, for some, the excessive connections via social tech – whether for personal or work lifestyles – is creating anxiety. With benefits come drawbacks. As always, being the humans that we are, we will have to face these problems, and overcome them with our usual fortitude and ingenuity. It’s what we’ve always done. And, well…we’re definitely not done talking!

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