The Lockdown Lifestyle

The Lockdown Lifestyle: changes you can make to remain resourceful under lockdown

We should regard lockdown time not as a period of restriction and frustration, but rather an opportunity to do all the things we rarely get the time to do when life is operating normally. Apart from the valuable aspects of safety and good health, lockdown offers us time. And there’s a multitude of things to do if you’re able and willing and disciplined enough to get going.

Spring-cleaning: This has to be number one on many people’s lists. Giving the house a good clean always presents a flush of victory and satisfaction. Cupboards, corners, under beds, lamps, light-fittings, shelf tops, bookcases, drawers, bathroom cabinets (look at all those old pill bottles!), makeup bags, handbags, shoe racks, linen cupboards, curtains, bedspreads, even the fridge! The list goes on.

Clearing out: And while this impressive cleaning is going on, you may also discover items you had forgotten you had – or things you certainly no longer need. A pile of discards grows in the hall or on the back patio: clothes, shoes, books, CD’s, sheets, towels, old magazines, bits of furniture, old photographs, ornaments past their interest time, old TV’s, printers, computer parts, baby clothes, half-used vitamin bottles and face creams. Cleaning out can give you space, light, air – and your home will even feel different. Out of the dust and blurry vision comes order and clarity.

Reading: Yes! Who hasn’t got a number of books either purchased or given as gifts that have done nothing but sit on the bookshelf? Now’s the time to forge the time to read. And nothing can be more pleasant and time-consuming than getting stuck into a good book. A good thriller or romance can transport you, and a non-fiction can edify. Learn while you relax. Take time out without guilt and read a book!

Learn to meditate and develop a more creative mind: This is a good time to learn to practice good habits that will see you becoming a more capable and relaxed person when returning to the daily grind. You have the time to concentrate, eradicate those anxious thoughts and create a calmer self. And once that is achieved the benefit to your creative energy will be simply extraordinary. A calm mind has room to move, to explore, to evaluate, and to make better decisions. Things that may have seemed insurmountable before, are now quite doable and exciting. Make the changes you want to make to your home with a feeling of vision and confidence.

Start a creative project: Now’s the time to experiment with the things you’ve always wished you could do. While you can’t attend one-on-one classes, there are plenty of courses online you can join – some even for free. Try your hand at painting, clay-making, landscaping your garden, needlework, woodwork, writing. All the arts are possible – ready and waiting. This could be the time you even find yourself following a potential new career!

Learn something new: If you’re less arty but more cerebral and want to learn something new – there are thousands of courses online from language learning to shoe repairs to film studies to editing, to taking degrees in science and technology. Seize the time, shake it, and make it work!

Call family and friends: Here’s a simple thing. How often do we forget to keep connections going? We are so busy with daily life, work issues, health problems, or dealing with children and school matters, that we forget we have family and friends. Make a list of everyone you haven’t spoken to in a while, and reconnect, give some love, ignite old friendships. Start a trend in your life that you won’t let go of when things revert to normal; keeping contacts alive and healthy should be part of a normal lifestyle.

Try new recipes: If you’re a cook now is the time to blow the dust off those recipe books and try some new concoctions! After all, the family might be trapped in with you, and what better way to try out your new experiments. And it will give that library of recipe books, gifted over the years, a new lease of life! Bring new flavour and combinations to the dining table. Let every night be a journey of adventure!

Redesign your garden: Here’s a job that may be crying out for attention. You can’t visit the store for new stuff, which makes the exercise even more creative, but you can begin to weed, cut back, reshape, tidy up and plan your moves when lockdown is over. You’d be amazed what you can achieve with your trusty clippers and spade while totally rearranging the focus of your garden.

Re-organise your décor: This another area of exploration. You may have some old tins of paint in your storeroom, likewise you may have old bits of furniture that you may want to give a new look. In fact, if you have a really creative eye, there may be a host of things that could do with a good paint. Or cushions you could recover with remnants you’ve found when clearing out. Even just moving your furniture into new positions could be helpful in breaking the monotony of lockdown, and give your home a whole new look.

Just do nothing and reconnect: Of course, for some the real joy of lockdown is that it will give you time to rest – and well-deserved considering the pace of modern life. Doing nothing can be as good for the soul as anything else. Time to gather yourself together, to make new plans, and reconnect with yourself, where you’re going, and what you really want to make of life.

Evaluate your lifestyle: You have a unique break in your life to think about your life, and perhaps make plans that will take you on a different course once lockdown is over. Your lifestyle is always a matter of choice. It may be directed by circumstances both financial and personal, but evaluating your current position regularly against possibility, is one of the wisest self-journeys you can make.

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