Valentine’s Day: make it a tribute to the love and kindness of others

Valentine’s Day: make it a tribute to the love and kindness of others

Valentine’s Day on 14 February is traditionally hailed as one of joy, love and happiness. A time to exchange messages of admiration and devotion.

We celebrate Valentine’s Day to celebrate love, relationships and commitment. Very often a couple might wish to celebrate their dedication by seeking out a romantic venue to mark the occasion – a restaurant with beautiful views and candlelight is chiefly popular.

But a new compassionate approach is becoming more popular each year with those who are more philanthropically minded. And that is to also show love to those dedicated people who do good – and who in turn show their love to the less fortunate all year round.

Taking your love for a romantic dinner or evening out, or even a night away, has never been easier – and you are spoilt for choice! But along with these options, we would like to suggest a thought for anyone of those amazing operations that bring vital services to those in need. After all, Valentine’s Day is a day for loving and giving!

There are literally hundreds of NGOs, charities and non-profit organisations in the Western Cape – all of which do amazing work to improve, uplift, rehabilitate and educate those less privileged in the population. So your choice is as unlimited as your choice for a romantic venue!

Here are some worthy initiatives you may like to consider supporting when you plan that intimate date with the love of your life:

 2nd Harvest

Mark Maingard was “called” to feed the hungry, while Marais Greyling set his sights on training disadvantaged youth in hospitality. This was not by chance. It was an intervention and a plan that was inevitable. Their journey began in 2016 with renovating and equipping a derelict facility in Paarl, and by July the first batch of 200 meals was delivered to Magda’s Soup Kitchen. In September of that year, the facility was officially opened by the Honourable Mayor, Conrad Poole. Ultimately, 2nd Harvest’s long term vision is to feed the hungry by providing at least 50 000 meals a day across the country.

“That is our dream, which is slowly becoming a reality, however, we need the support and assistance from potential funders, corporates and individuals to help us achieve our goals”, stated Mark.

To find out how to help, visit or contact Mark or Marais on: 087 550 1257


It is simple – education is the most effective route out of the poverty trap. But hungry kids can’t learn. A clean, safe, and professional environment for kids in their first steps in life and education is the minimum they deserve. Failure to provide this is invariably catastrophic for the child. The first 6 years of a child’s life will define much about them.
The organisation works to ensure all children aged from 1 to 6 years old in the expanding programme have access to a clean, safe, and secure learning environment. It is vital to ensure sustainability of each of the ECD Centres, and that the best training is made available to teachers and principals to improve their service to their pupils and their communities.

 To find out how to help, visit or contact: 021 371 0497

The Animal Anti-Cruelty League

The Animal Anti-Cruelty League has been protecting and caring for animals since 1956. It is the second biggest independent animal welfare organisation in South Africa. Our aim is to prevent and eliminate all cruelty to all animals, whether arising from ignorance, neglect or deliberate cruelty and to alleviate suffering by such cruelty.

  • We provide shelter for abandoned animals
  • Promote an efficient adoption programme
  • Prosecute animal cruelty cases
  • Operate welfare hospitals and provide primary veterinary case for lower income groups
  • Visit underprivileged areas with fully equipped mobile clinics
  • Regularly address schools and clubs on the challenges of animal welfare.

To find out how to help visit contact: 021 534 6426/7

Hope House Counselling Centre

Hope House is a non-profit organisation that offers counselling, addiction recovery support, and training in psychosocial intervention and education in Cape Town. We have centres in Bergvliet, Kuilsrivier and Blaauwberg and run programmes in schools around the city.

Our services are open to everyone, regardless of age, identity or religious affiliation. We do considerable work with children and adolescents and are one of the few centres that counsel children from as young as three years of age. Most of our clients come from poorer communities, but not all of them. Social development objectives include:

  • Expanding access to mental health services
  • Addressing the prevalence of substance abuse in Cape Town – particularly amongst youth
  • Strengthening families within socially and economically communities
  • Challenging stigmas around mental illness and counselling.

To find out how to help visit or contact: 021 715 0424

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The Western Cape offers a rich history of architecture, beautiful fauna and flora, together with captivating views of magnificent mountain ranges and the scenic blue of the oceans. In fact, it offers the best in experience and lifestyle anywhere in the world. And we believe in making the best of what both nature and refined living can offer, including beautiful places to relax and indulge your senses, fitness and health information and lifestyle enhancement through the promotion of brilliantly refurbished antique items.

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