Why Cape Point should be #1 on your adventure list

Why Cape Point should be #1 on your adventure list

Cape Point is more than just a stunning lookout point or a location to sit and watch the waves of the ocean as you contemplate life.


Perhaps the last time you were there was during a school field trip. Perhaps you have a couple of family pictures that were snapped next to the signboard. But Cape Point, one of the most iconic and historic sites in South Africa, has a lot more to offer than some great scenery for your family photo album – although it has that too. Indeed, Cape Point is a hub for adventure and fun that stretches far beyond the funicular and restaurant.

This is why Cape Point needs to be number 1 on your adventure list:


Don’t make the mistake of just hopping into your car, heading off to Cape Point, and only taking a selfie or two before heading to lunch and then back home again. We’d recommend you dress comfortably, put on some hiking shoes, and pack lots of water and snacks to explore on foot.

You see, Cape Point has many breath-taking hiking trails – some short and easy, others longer and more strenuous, and even some that can be done overnight.

Short walks and hikes include the Lighthouse Keeper’s Trail, Cape of Good Hope Trail, Antoniesgat Trail, Gifkommetjie Trail, Kanonkop Trail, Phyllisia Circuit, and the Shipwreck Trails (there are about 26 recorded shipwrecks around Cape Point, which shouldn’t come as a surprise since it’s also known as the Cape of Storms).

Overnight hikes include the Cape of Good Hope Trail as well as the Hoerikwaggo Trail where hikers can sleep over in huts on the mountain and continue on the trail the following day.

The Cape of Good Hope Trail follows a circular route through the Cape Point nature reserve and is a two day, one-night trail. The Hoerikwaggo Trail, on the other hand, starts at the southern tip of the peninsula, winds through the heart of the Table Mountain National Park, and ends up in Cape Town’s CBD.

Mountain bike

Cape Point Nature Reserve is also a great spot for mountain biking. Don’t expect anything too challenging though, as most of the paths are tarred. And also, don’t let that put you off! The views around the tip of the peninsula are jaw-dropping and you won’t easily find anything like it.


Some of the best-kept secret and unconventional swimming spots and beaches are around Cape Point. What a winning idea if you’re not one for crowds on a beach. At Cape Point, you can sometimes feel like you have your very own private beach. Choose between Buffels Beach (most popular for day visitors), Diaz Beach, Maclear Beach, Olifantsbos Beach, or Platboom Beach to go for a dip and some sunbathing.


A completely different way to experience Cape Point is by paddling out from Simon’s Town on a sea kayak. These trips usually include some penguin and seal spotting (and maybe even Great White or whale spotting!)

Fauna and Flora

Apart from baboons and buck, you can also look out for some Cape Mountain zebra, mongooses and rodents, snakes, various species of birds – including ostriches (sometimes even roaming around on the beach!)

Did you know that the Cape floral kingdom is believed to be the most diverse per square metre in the world? There are almost 8 000 species of plants in fynbos alone. 68% of these are endemic to the Cape, and Cape Point itself has 11 endemic species. New species of fynbos are being discovered on a regular basis. Basically, Cape Point is a flower and plant lover’s dream!

So, the next time you’re on the hunt for an unforgettable adventure, we hope Cape Point will be your next stop!

If you plan to visit more regularly, it might be worth investing in a Green Card or Activity Card. You can read more about it here.

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